You probably have worked in a company where there are hundreds of sales persons working on all kinds of outreach and strategies. Inbound, Outbound, Social Media, SEO, PPC, Influencer Marketing. You name it and any platform can be turned into a marketing tool. But what 99% of these executives miss to look inside their own organization. They can spend millions of dollars on all the above mentioned strategies or they can turn every person in their organization into a salesperson. These are the people who are already on the payroll.

So how would you do that? Convert every employee into a salesperson?

Here are 3 ways you can do it:​

  1. Treat your people right

Having the right mindset towards your people, making them feel like home is going to go a long way for you. Every employee should be proud that they work for you and your company. This is what companies like Google & Salesforce have done. They have instilled a culture of family within the organization to a point where people have started talking about their employers every waking hour. They talk to their peers about it, their family, spouse, friends and even social media. When someone from outside hears about a company being so empathetic towards their employees, you turn their heads towards you. Be that guy. Treat your people right.

2. Comps for everyone

Every single person of your organization works towards finding new & keeping existing clients happy one way or the other. Some employees' contributions may not be direct but they still play a vital role in the process. Then why are comp plans only for salespeople? Many organizations are trying to extend their comp plans to the whole linear time behind a particular sale and it has turned sale machine into a powerhouse as every single employee works proactively to close more deals.

3. Intrapreneurship

Foster the sense of entrepreneurship within your organization. Many people want to perform above and beyond their assigned job description. Don't hold them down. Give them that leeway (and even small funding if required) to work on their own rendition of a feature for your product. Having a sense of ownership & accountability towards something motivates people. Working on something bigger than them brings a lot of suppressed talents that you didn't know existed. You can then utilize those talents further.

Observe that every strategy mentioned above leads to one thing - upliftment of each and every individual. The goal is to build your organization and the people to a point where they become evangelists for you.

Go beyond your salespeople!