In the past few days, we've met many people who said things across the lines of, "A lot of times, managers just want results.","Who cares about the mental health or wellness of the people as long as the work is getting done?" & my favorite "Employee wellness is their own personal problem, not a work problem."

If these statements made you a little uncomfortable, good job - you're still a human. Because if you can't, or rather don't want to care about your people as a leader, then I'm sorry to say, you might have to rethink your leadership. A lot of leaders expect a robotic and a monotonous work from their employees. 'If they aren't filling in the hours, they aren't working' is a very bad way to measure productivity. It's like that maxim about life - It's not the days in our life that counts, but the life in our days that does. Similarly, it's not the hours that an employee clocks counts, it's the work that the employees do, the deadlines they meet, the community they build, the care they take for their fellow colleague.

Culture is not a luxury by any means, it is a necessity that MUST be implemented in every organization. People spend the big chunk of their waking day at work and as a leader it becomes your by-default responsibility to make the workplace like a second home, or at least closer to one.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast - Peter Drucker

If you want to improve any of your business metrics, Culture will solve the most of it!

Politics is brewing? - Build great culture

Unhappy people? - Build great culture

High burnout? - Build great culture

Attrition? - Build great culture

Improved revenue? - Build great culture

Decrease costing? - Build great culture

This HBR study further states how great culture can improve employee motivation. With the coming of the new business age, we believe that culture mechanics will be important than ever and that's why, we, at Nasch are prepared!

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